Traveler's inn GIELLAJOHKA welcomes both new and loyal guests!

Giellajohka is located between Kaamanen and Karigasniemi in the vicinity of Muotka fells and Kevo strict nature reserve.
Kielajoki (sami Giellajohka) which is rich in fish offers a beautiful natural environment to relax by fishing, hiking and enjoying nature.
For our part, we will offer the opportunity to accommodate, go to the sauna and enjoy good food.
Giellajohka company consists of:

  • Cafe-Restaurant GIELLAJOHKA
  • Hostel Ahku
  • Old hostel "Mummola"
  • Old fisherman’s cabine
  • Sauna by the river
  • Sauna barack room
  • “Kammi” with a fire place offers nice place for conversations.
  • Caravan and camping area
  • Typical lappish kota
  • maintenance building